We are the champions.

Let Phoenix Innovation Lab’s Digital Partners show you the way.

Imagine the perfect construction software champion being there to help you and your team 24-7-365 on any device? If you already have a particular software champion on your team, imagine getting more value from them as they no longer have to be overburdened by constant requests bringing others up to speed on digital processes and workflows?

Now you can navigate powerful construction management software platforms like Bluebeam, PlanGrid and Procore with our construction Digital Partners literally by your side, showing you how to use the programs while you use the programs.

No, these aren’t your grandpa’s traditional chatbots.

Easily learn to use PlanGrid for real-time access to digital construction workflow tutorials:

  • Punch lists

  • Daily reports and submittals

  • And more!

The PlanGrid bot ensures your frontline team’s success. It will be by your side every step of the way as a true digital partner.


Plan Grid





Unlock Bluebeam Revu for drawing reviews, takeoffs and markups, or create real-time working sessions with Bluebeam Studio Sessions and Studio Projects. Let the Bluebeam Bot accelerate onboarding for new employees and continued education for existing employees on everything you ever wanted to learn about Bluebeam.


Subscription and Features Overview

Take Charge of your Construction Data Apps

ProCore Integration

Built for construction, by construction...after an entire lifetime in the construction industry, it was about time for someone to provide real and meaningful changes in the way support is provided to the frontline employees of the construction industry. The construction Digital Partners are the gold standard in providing low cost, anonymous, intuitive and feature-rich instructional content within the construction industry.

Phoenix Innovation Lab’s Digital Partners encompass all things tutorial for digital project management at the click of a button.

Training & Tutorial Information Provided:

  • Instructional Videos

  • Tips and Tricks

  • Step by Step Directions

  • External Content & Documentation Links

  • Related Topics Prompting

  • Administrative and Licensing Help Instructions

Available Channels

Microsoft TEAMS Add to a TEAMS chat, tab or channel Webchat (embed code provided). Add to your Sharepoint Intranet pages, website, etc.


Choose a package based on your needs or contact us to inquire about a custom enterprise set up.


Silver Subscription (Single User Account)


Per domain monthly subscription


Per domain annual subscription

Save 43.89

Total BOT Transactions: 250 per month

Paladium Subscription

(Domain Based):


Per domain monthly subscription


Per domain annual subscription

Save 399.89

Total BOT Transactions: 3000 per month

Platinum Subscription (Domain Based)


Per domain monthly subscription


Per domain annual subscription

Save 619.89

Total BOT Transactions: 6000 per month


Enterprise Unlimited Subscription:

Domain based subscriptions allow for unlimited users within your domain. Consumed transaction limits are based upon all users and not a per user monthly limit.


Q: How does the Bot know so much about these programs?

A: We fed all the actual content from multiple sources including the core platform’s Support Documentation for every single feature and workflow within each respective program. We also included information, instructional content and tips and tricks from leading construction industry technology experts. And also, we made sure it ate all its veggies.

Q: What is the ROI or payback period on investing in a Phoenix Innovation Lab Digital Partner?

A: The construction Digital Partner will pay for itself within five interactions. If you ask it five questions in a month, it has already paid for itself. Just ask our industry partners who have already experienced this level of value in pre-release access.

Q: How can I access the Bot?

A: You can currently access the Bot via specific channels. These channels include the ability to imbed the bot in any website including, Sharepoint and any standard website that allows administrative privileges. The Bots are fully integrated with Microsoft Teams, and you have the ability to create a chat user as the Bot and create a tab within a Team for the Bot. Phoenix Innovation Lab, as a Certified Microsoft ISV Development Partner, offers all three of our Digital Construction Partners on the Microsoft Teams App Marketplace. You can also purchase on the Microsoft App Store.