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Do I need an Office 365 account to start using Fluid Kinnectorz?

Yes, Fluid Kinnectorz is developed on the Microsoft Power Platform (Power Automate, PowerApps, Logic Apps), and the power of Fluid Kinnectorz comes from the ability to integrate, connect and automate with all tools and apps and systems available within the Microsoft Connector ecosystem.

Can I have multiple subscriptions in Fluid Kinnectorz for different Tenants?

Yes, we provide a functionality called “Tenant Linking” in which users are able to connect a tenant with a Fluid Kinnectorz subscription. And this can be done for all the tenants you are an admin for.

API calls are unlimited?

No, Fluid Kinnectors has a Consumption based pricing model, based on the number of API calls per month. Every subscription has it own limit of API calls. The greater the license, the bigger the limit of API calls. Only our Enterprise UNLIMITED plan allows for unlimited API calls per month and is a negotiated rate custom per client

Is there window time between the information available in Procore and Power Automate?

No, all the information on every project is available instantly. Because we connect Power Automate, PowerApps, and Logic Apps with Procore API to obtain the exact same information the user has access to in the Procore projects/companies.

Are there any templated workflows to give me a head start?

Yes! Phoenix Innovation Lab has released dozens of templated workflows publicly on Microsoft Power Automate that will allow you to easily create automated workflows for many of the repetitive mundane tasks you do every single day! You are too busy to do anything less!

Can I build complete applications using the Procore Fluid Kinnectorz?

Yes! Using Microsoft’s Power Automate, Logic Apps, and PowerApps platforms allow you to not just create powerful Process Automations, but full functioning mobile and desktop applications. In the near future, Phoenix Innovation Lab will be releasing full application templates that will allow you to create, share, and begin using full applications within minutes.

Do I have to be an admin to approve the use of the Fluid Kinnectorz within my Microsoft Tenant?

Not necessarily. The Fluid Kinnectorz are just like any other application and if you are an admin you have the access to approve the use of the Fluid Kinnectorz within your Microsoft Tenant. If you are not an admin, you will need admin approval unless your Microsoft Admin has enabled the setting that allows for individual users to allow data access to the Fluid Kinnectorz.

Does Phoenix Innovation Lab provide training or custom workflow creation services?

I’m glad you asked! Yes Phoenix Innovation Lab has a full series of paid live virtual workflow automation and application development training modules available upon request. We also have a full team of qualified developers that can automate any workflow or develop any application within the Procore Fluid Kinnectorz functional capabilities. If you need a helping hand with services or training don’t hesitate just fill out a contact form on our website, send us an email to, or give us a call!